Want more customers and qualified leads? Improve your conversion rates? More efficient advertising? Build a better customer loyalty program?

Or need to bring your business to the next level? In need of business model innovation? Eager for some creative growth hacking?

Flow is an ROI driven e-business agency,
dedicated to improving your profitability,
both on short- and long-term.


About you

Because it shouldn't be about us

At Flow we are convinced it should be all about you. We believe that each business is unique and thus deserves a personalised approach. This is why we offer highly experienced business consultants who will serve as your single point of contact throughout the relationship. Add to that our independent partners, who are also leaders in their field of expertise, to build an effective and qualified team for your company.

We highly prefer our customers to come from a mixture of backgrounds and sectors: listed on the stock exchange, an established SMB or an ambitious start-up? We believe this creates synergies for business, marketing and processes.

Are you interested in seeing whether we can add value to your business? Feel free to contact us, look at our services or go to our #FlowFriday offer.


Our services

Downstream marketing: continuous business optimization

Business optimization needs to be an area of focus for any established organisation. Incremental improvements in your digital business will help you leverage your profitability. Our contribution to that could be in the form of an end-to-end or a plug-and-go solution: from traffic sources (bought, earned, owned) through user experience, to conversion and CRM. We can help you increase your sales and leads while decreasing the cost per acquisition.

Upstream marketing: innovative business remodeling

Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, you always need to keep evolving and finding new opportunities which fit with your company. We can assist you in building or remodeling your business model and find new sources of profitability. Through our business model innovation canvas based on research, data and experiments, we can help your company get ready for the next years.



Stop following, start leading

At Flow we like to do things differently. We are convinced that each company has its own personal challenges, meaning a personal approach in helping you improve your business is absolutely necessary. So we’ve decided not to bother you with only slightly relevant case studies or extensive sales calls.

This is why we designed #FlowFriday. Every Friday we dedicate to joining one specific company and working together with the team and the available data to create an introductory e-business analysis (example here). At the end of that day we hope to offer you some quick wins and raise some interesting questions to improve your ROI.

If you, just like us, are convinced that real value comes from combining knowledge, experience and expertise from multiple people with varying backgrounds, then #FlowFriday is an offer made for you. Large or small, digitally experienced or rather new, we're there to help you grow.

Oh yes, did we mention #FlowFriday is free? So if you'd like to dedicate one Friday to meet our experts, fill in the form below and we'll get back to you. Why again? Because it's free without a single obligation, we will both manage to learn something new and it might even be the start of a great partnership!

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