Want detailed demographics of your competitors? Easy!

Oreo has more than 34 mio fans on Facebook

Oreo has more than 34 mio fans on Facebook

There can be a multitude of reasons why you would want to find out who are fans of your competitors. You might want to launch a competitive product and are looking for the right audience, you might want to benefit from the weaknesses of your competitor in an untapped market segment or maybe you’re even looking for a partnership with similar demographics. Either way, each day tons of money is spent on doing competitive analysis, and that in an age where lots of data has never been so easy to find for free. One such free source is Facebook pages and the ad planner.

Let’s have a look at a typical love brand: Oreo. Oreo currently has more than 34 million likes on Facebook. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find out what type of people really like this brand?


To find out we visit https://www.facebook.com/ads/create/ . Enter a bogus ad target to move on to the Create Your Audience tab. Under Precise Interests add the name of the competitor’s Facebook page and add at least one target country. On the right you will immediately be updated with the number of fans from this specific country for that page. So from the 34.8 mio fans of Oreo 10.2 mio (or 30%) live in the USA. Next up are Mexico (8%), Argentina (5%), UK (5%), France (3%) and Venezuela (3%). Important to note is that we’re only talking about the main Oreo Facebook page when individual countries might have their own pages. Orea India for example in itself has over 3.6 mio fans. So please check for local pages in your analysis.

But we can dig much deeper than that. Let’s say we’re only interested in the American fans. Then we can do the exact same trick and start segmenting on all options Facebook gives us: gender, age, state/city, relationship status, education level and language. And if you like, you can even take a combination of any of this data.

Some examples for the American Oreo fans:

  • 61% are female, 39% are male
  • 47% are single, and 19% married
  • 4% are homosexual
  • 25% are college graduates
  • 25% are between the age of 13-18, 2% are above 60
  • 7% are from the state of New York, 7% from Texas and 10% from California

So what now? Go ahead and check some of your competitors on Facebook. Compare how their audiences match and differ with yours and see how you can take advantage of that. But also remember: what you can do to other, can happen to you as well.

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